Exploring DB Scheme Consolidation

A closer look at Citrus

29 Jul 2020 - Estimated reading time: 15 mins

We continue our series with a closer look at one of several DB master trusts in the market – Citrus Pensions.

Master trusts have existed for decades and are one of the many forms of consolidation. While they’ve not received as much hype as the new commercial consolidators, such as Clara-Pensions and The Pension SuperFund, master trusts have many cost, governance and operational benefits which shouldn’t be overlooked.

In this issue, we shine a light on the Citrus DB master trust, looking at:

  • what is Citrus and how does it work?
  • what are the benefits of Citrus for employers and members?
  • when might Citrus be an appropriate option to consider?
  • what does the future hold?

If you would like us to take a ‘closer look’ at your own consolidation solution - whether you are a master trust, insurer, commercial consolidator, sole trustee or investment platform - please get in touch.

Listen to our accompanying podcast episode with Chair of Trustees at Citrus, Peter Thompson.

Citrus has a calculator to help you see what outcomes could be achieved by moving your pension scheme to the DB master trust:

Citrus calculator

If the form below doesn’t load you an also access it here.

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