Hymans Robertson On...Episode 59

Understanding Longevity: The science of ageing

29 Mar 2022


In the latest episode of Hymans Robertson On...we are back for the third instalment of our 'Understanding longevity' series, where we talk about all things longevity.

Our longevity consultants Megan Hart and Ben Johnson are joined by Professor Tom Kirkwood CBE to discuss the science of ageing. Tom is Emeritus Professor at Newcastle University and has played a leading role in the research into ageing since the 1970s, publishing several award-winning books on the subject. We talk about what ageing is and why it happens, whether there is a limit to how long humans can live and also if anything can be done to prevent or reverse the ageing process.

Key Topics
  • 02:13 : (What is ageing?)
  • 06:24 : (Why do we age?)
  • 13:14 : (Should we expect mortality improvements at older ages to stay low?)
  • 19:54 : (What tail events may result in high improvements at those older ages?)


Megan Hart

by Megan Hart
Senior Consultant

Ben Johnson

by Ben Johnson
Head of International Longevity

Tom Kirkwood

by Tom Kirkwood
CBE, Emeritus Professor at Newcastle University