Hymans Robertson On...Episode 51

Understanding Longevity: The impact of Covid-19

21 Dec 2021


In the latest episode of Hymans Robertson On...we are back for the second instalment of our 'Understanding longevity' series, where we talk about all things longevity.

Our host Megan Hart is joined by Joseph Lu, Director of Longevity Science at Legal & General, to talk about Covid-19. We discuss how the recent pandemic could impact future life expectancy and what the actuarial community should be doing in response to this.

Key Topics
  • Impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic : (01:23)
  • Longer term predictions : (02:37)
  • Indirect effects which could change future life expectancy : (07:22)
  • Considerations for actuaries within modelling and life expectancy projections : (11:34)


Megan Hart

by Megan Hart
Senior Consultant

Joseph Lu

by Joseph Lu
Director of Longevity Science at Legal & General