The Fintech Feed - Episode 15

The role of AI: closing the advice gap

28 Jun 2024


The Fintech Feed is our technology-focussed podcast series, where we explore the growing impact of data and technology on the financial services industry. In this episode we take a look at unlocking value in member data.

In this special edition of the Fintech Feed, Julie Hammerton, Head of Hymans Robertson Personal Wealth is joined by colleagues Dan McMahon, Head of Technology and Innovation, and Roger Gifford, Head of Advice at Hymans Robertson Personal Wealth.  In this podcast the delve into the world of AI, exploring the role AI can potentially play in closing the financial advice gap. 

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Hymans Robertson Disclaimer

Please be aware this podcast is for professional contacts only. The information we’ll be sharing on this podcast is for general information purposes only and should not be regarded as financial advice.

Key Topics
  • Market context and background
  • Opportunities for using AI
  • Potential challenges
  • Key takeaways


Julie Hammerton

by Julie Hammerton
Partner and Head of Personal Wealth

Daniel McMahon

by Daniel McMahon
Head of Technology & Innovation

Roger Gifford

by Roger Gifford
Head of Advice