Hymans Robertson On... Episode 70

The future of services for DB schemes

24 Aug 2022


In this episode of Hymans Robertson On…, James Sheehan, Co-head of Digital Strategy, is joined by Jon Hatchett, Partner in Hymans Robertson’s DB business and Marcus Hurd, Partner and Managing Director of ndapt, the network of Professional Trustees.

During the episode, we discuss the future of services for DB schemes - taking a long-term, visionary look at where the DB industry feels ripe for change.

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Notes and Resources

You can find a full transcription of this podcast here.

The future of sole trusteeship - Insights into the evolution of professional corporate sole trusteeship 


This podcast has been prepared by Hymans Robertson LLP, and is based upon our understanding of events as at 28 July 2022. It is designed to be a general summary of topical employee benefit issues and is not specific to the circumstances of any particular employer or pension scheme. The information contained in this podcast should not be construed as advice and not be considered as a substitute for specific advice as the information is generic in nature. Where the podcast refers to legal matters, please note that Hymans Robertson is not qualified to provide legal opinion and therefore you may wish to obtain independent legal advice to consider any relevant law and/or regulation. Hymans Robertson LLP accepts no liability for errors or omissions. Your Hymans Robertson LLP consultant will be pleased to discuss matters raised in this podcast in greater detail. Please note that the value of investment and income from them may fall as well as rise. This includes but is not limited to equities, government or corporate bonds and property whether held directly or in a pooled or collective investment vehicle. Further, investments in developing or emerging markets may be more volatile and less marketable than in mature markets. Exchange rates may also affect the value of an investment. As a result, an investor, may not get back the full amount of their original investment. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance and Hymans Robertson cannot guarantee the financial security of other organisations.  

Key Topics
  • Future of services for DB schemes
  • Change in DB industry


James Sheehan

by James Sheehan
Head of Digital Strategy (Pensions)

Jon Hatchett

by Jon Hatchett
Senior Partner

Marcus Hurd

by Marcus Hurd
Partner and Managing Director, ndapt