Hymans Robertson On... Episode 82

Good Governance in the LGPS - Part 2

08 Mar 2023

In this episode of Hyman's Robertson On… our host Susan Black, Head of Governance, Administration and Projects, is joined by colleague, Ian Colvin, Head of LGPS Benefit Consulting and guests Dan Chessell and Amanda Crawford from Essex Pension Fund.

During the episode, we discuss workforce planning and what this might entail. Dan and Amanda also share their insights on the restructuring of the pensions team at Essex and the skills they believe are necessary for LGPS funds in the future.

Key Topics
  • Workforce planning
  • Restructuring - motivation for change
  • Skills needed for the future
  • Recruitment


Susan Black

by Susan Black
Head of LGPS Governance, Administration & Projects

Ian Colvin

by Ian Colvin
Head of LGPS Benefit Consulting

Dan Chessell

by Dan Chessell
Essex Pension Fund

Amanda Crawford

by Amanda Crawford
Essex Pension Fund