DB Future Focus Conference

03 Apr 2024

After an eventful two years for DB pensions, our DB Future Focus Conference took stock of where we’ve got to and explored what the market could look like in the future.

Together with more than 200 guests, we examined what a better future for DB pension schemes could look like through five perspectives: insurance, scheme members, administration, professional trustees and alternative futures.

The sessions covered throughout the day were:

  • Breaking the capacity bottleneck: Insurance market outlook
  • Remember the member: The human experience 
  • The changing role of administration
  • The future of professional trusteeship 
  • Exploring alternative futures
  • Hyperfocus neuroplasticity, AI and me

Watch our video, where we capture highlights from the day and hear insights from our guests and speakers. You can also read the key takeaways in our conference summary covering each session.


If you’d like to explore any of these themes further, please get in touch with one of the session presenters.

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