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The Cost of Living Crisis – Be Fraud Aware

08 Nov 2022

It’s been a turbulent time recently, with high energy prices, high inflation and soaring interest rates resulting in a ‘cost of living crisis’, related supplier issues and, generally, a flaky UK economy.

Alongside uncertainty, concern, financial pressure and some levels of stress or even panic, there is also an increase in fraud and crime as we perhaps respond to situations differently than we normally would.

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In this briefing note we will look at:

  • The facts about fraud and scams
  • The methods fraudsters use
  • The common types of scams
  • and what to tell your members

In these uncertain times, our money and savings are even more precious to us than before, so it makes sense to stop, think and challenge ourselves before acting on unsolicited emails, texts or calls. Please share this message with your members.

If you have any questions on anything covered, please get in touch

Briefing note: The Cost of Living Crisis – Be Fraud Aware


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