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Julie Rodgers Careers Interview

24 Aug 2022 - Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Julie is celebrating an incredible 36 years with us this year, having joined Hymans Robertson in 1986. Here, she takes us on a trip down memory lane as she shares the path she’s taken with Hymans in that time, her career highlights (so far!), and some words of wisdom for anyone at the start of their own career with us.  

When did you join Hymans Robertson, and what was your role when you started?

I joined the firm in March 1986 as an office junior in Glasgow.  Main responsibilities were typing and general errands, for example making tea/coffee for a team of 16 at set times throughout the day (I had to remember whose cup belonged to who and what they drank).  It was plain biscuits in the morning and chocolate in the afternoon.

What’s your role now, and what path have you taken to get here?

Today I am Business Manager for the firm.  I primarily look after the governance areas of the firm – spending a lot of my time on Partnership Council. 

During my 36 years I have had the opportunity to move to different roles and the firm has provided the training required.  In the early days, I became PA and then head of secretaries before moving to facilities manager (something I had no knowledge of -  although the facilities team were well qualified to keep us in line with regulations).

What do you love most about working at Hymans Robertson?

The people! Although the firm has grown significantly and changed strategic direction a number of times, the people are always what makes the firm tick.  Hymans Robertson is and always has been a very caring firm – supportive of career choices and personal circumstances.  The pandemic was testament to how the firm looks after staff.

What’s your key highlight career-wise?

Moving away from secretarial work to facilities what a huge challenge for me and was outside of my comfort zone but I quickly realised that I didn’t need to have a qualification in facilities management when you have a great team to work with. 

What’s been the biggest change since you joined?

Moving into different markets and venturing into the USA!

Has anything stayed the same?

The values of the firm – no matter how much we grew over the years the values have remained the same.

Any words of wisdom for anyone new to Hymans, or considering joining?

It might seem daunting for the first few months getting to know people, systems, etc. but hang in there – it really is a fantastic place to work and I don’t believe you would have the same career opportunities or experience anywhere else! Probably the best job you’ll ever have.

Any closing remarks?

As the longest serving member of staff still employed with Hymans (some have retired recently) – I aim to beat the longest record... Does that go into a Guinness Book record?!

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