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Model risk in financial regulation

Vijay Krishnaswamy, Partner and our Head of Enterprise Risk Management recently gave a presentation on Model Risk in Financial Regulation at an Institute and Faculty of Actuaries event, with the Executive Director of the Bank of England, Andy Haldane.

Models are key to the modern financial regulatory framework and modelling and managing model risk are crucial actuarial skills. Vijay and Andy Haldane discussed the role of models in financial regulation and ideas for both the industry and regulators.

You can view Vijay's presentation here.


We help insurers, banks, building societies and asset managers make more efficient use of their valuable capital and keep up with the ever changing regulatory environment, our fresh approach to risk gives you greater insight into the risks you face and makes you better placed to make informed decisions. You can find out a bit more about how we can help you crack risk management here.

Our expertise

Hymans Robertson adds value to financial institutions through the provision of specialist risk management services, for banks and building societies and life insurers.

Additional to the specific expertise we offer, some of our services span the entire financial services sector, encompassing investment managers and general insurers.

Effective risk governance requires board-level engagement, so we help boards to genuinely understand their risk exposures, advising them on what the results of technical modelling mean for them in practice.  This builds confidence that risk management is genuinely embedded in the firm, passing the "use test".  The ongoing regulatory changes such as Solvency II, Basel III and the handover of prudential regulation from the FSA to the Bank of England mean this is a fast-evolving area where concise, off the fence advice is paramount.



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